Headspace Developments, Origins

So I’m excited to announce a lot of developments in the creation of my first RPG Headspace. I have brought together a team of very talented writers, editors and artists to help push this project forward and I’d like to introduce those folks and speak about how they are contributing.

Development Editing:
John Adamus, The Writer Next Door.

John Adamus is a very talented and award winning editor within the RPG community. He has already completed a first pass on the document which has helped a lot in terms of identifying what is working, what isn’t and what still needs some re-tooling. I’m looking forward to developing my document further before he makes a second pass over the text.

Writing – Introduction and Character fiction elements:
Lillian Cohen-Moore.

Lillian Cohen-Moore is an extremely talented writer and award winning editor and I have just recently brought her on to contribute to the fictional and descriptive components of the game. She will primarily be contributing to the Introductory (Shared consciousness) and Operator/Skill descriptions text. She has a lot of experience within the cyberpunk genre and I look forward to her creativity influencing my game.

Writing – Game Mastering Chapter:
Jason Pitre, Genesis of Legend Publishing.

Jason Pitre is a good friend and the creator of the Spark RPG. He has been my mentor through this process and without him this game would not be a reality. Given his wealth of experience running and hacking World games he has been brought on to merge the traditional World engine with my specific designs for Headspace.

Logo Design:
Brianna Reed, Nerdette Designs.

Brianna Reed is the creator of the awesome logo for my Company Green Hat Designs, so I thought she would be the perfect artist to develop a logo for my first game. I want something that will help make my product stand out on the shelf and I think her abilities are perfectly suited for this role.

Headspace at Origins

Jason Pitre has generously agreed to run play tests of my game Headspace at this years Origins June 11 to 15 at the Games on Demand. I’ve prepared materials to help him run up to 4 scenarios so if your at Origins feel free to get him to run or talk you through the current development of the game. Speaking of which I have worked together a new public release of Headspace for Origins:





I look forward to bringing the work of these many talented designers together and presenting a very polished game for beta-testing at this years GenCon! I’m running Headspace at 2 pre-planned events as well as at Games on Demand, hope you see you there!

Mark Richardson