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Headspace is a role playing game that explores human emotion, memory and personal identity. The world of Headspace is a dark future where technology has begun to alter not just our bodies, but how we feel and even think.

In this future an advanced neural networking technology, Headspace, has been developed which allows its wielders to connect their consciousness directly into each other’s minds. Jacking into the Headspace comes with a cost; there is no going back. Once your minds are bound together, your every thought, sensation, emotion and even dreams are shared; over any distance at the speed of thought.

Why would anyone do this?

In Headspace, world governments struggle to maintain law and order. Most have all but completely ceded their authority to gigantic Corporations that now fight for control of Earth’s few remaining resources. Within this future, few stand against the tide of corporate corruption and greed. Fewer still have the resources and abilities to make a difference.

You could be that difference. You and your friends could be the people who choose to stand against the corporations and make a better world for people left in the margins of society. But to accomplish such a great task with so few people you will not only need the latest weapons and cyber technologies but the ability to work together, seamlessly sharing your skills and abilities, operating not as a group of individuals but as a perfect team, within the Headspace.

This game is in development, any feedback is appreciated!

The current play test rules (April 16, 2015) :


I have revised all the work on the game into a new expanded quickstart featuring a number of rule updates and improvements. The Quickstart is designed for people who have some experience with Apocalypse World games and want to see what I’ve done. It includes all the basic rules, reference sheets and now features rules for custom operative creation. Everything you need to have an evening of cyberpunk fun is here!

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